Delightful experiment

By Published On: November 15, 2016
Hi Deja,
Yes, I confirm placing my membership “activity” on Happy Hold while Eleanor and I explore our growing relationship.  
Eleanor is delightfully talkative about anything while informative about many business, technology and social caring facts that she shares from her professional career, education and family upbringing.  She’s accepting and comfortable with her man-date managing the date, but assertive with constructive options.  She has a lovable, slight shyness about her, but is not a wall flower.  She is respectful and friendly with most everyone and loves to witness birds and animals interacting with nature and pets with their pet owners.  She IS honest and tactfully tries to share her personal thoughts about life-learned truths.  I find her sweetly beautiful by nature without need of cosmetic help and sensually attractive to be near.  We both are amazed at the many life commonalities we share.  With our match, Matchmakers has remarkably got it right.  I find myself wanting to “protect” her from loneliness as I try to find a partner to better my own situation.  
Deja, you have been very professional, responsive and helpful to me in this delightful experiment.
For now, and going forward .  . Thank you,

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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