September 27, 2012

Hi Kathrine,

Mitch and I are doing great. We really enjoy each others' company and have so much in common.  You did a great job in matching us up as far as personality traits, goals, commonalities, and general compatibility are concerned! Thank you so much. We are having a great time!

I do confirm that I would like to keep my membership on hold.

Thank you so much.

August 24, 2012

Hi Christina,

What I like about Ivan:

1.  He's a fisherman.  Has been for most of his life and is very knowledgeable on the subject.  Has a boat (that needs fixing still).  We have gone fishing together several times.  Once on a charter boat and twice or 3 times on my boat (until it broke).

2. Motorcycle rider.  I have never enjoyed riding on a motorcycle as much as with Ivan.  I've ridden on Harley's mostly in the last 25 years.  But he has a BMW and a Suzuki.  They ride much nicer than a Harley (IMHO).

3.  Ivan is easy to talk to.  I can be myself around him.  Nothing has really ever been awkward between us.  We both took the CHSPE on the same day (6/10/1978) in the same place -- at San Rafael High School.  What a coincidence!!

4.  He's very intelligent.  He's the kind of guy that can fix anything.  I REALLY find that important in a man.  I am realizing that more and more.  He's going to fix my boat tomorrow.  :-)

My experience with your service was rocky to start.  But I continued to believe in you.  Hoping that the next one just might be "the one."  So date #5, you introduced me to Ivan.  I have now changed my opinion about your service.  It just takes time!  You really can't find love overnight.  It might be kinda weird if it did happen right away.

As for you Christina, you've been wonderful and patient.  You are good at what you do.  Although I wouldn't want your job.  I'll stick to mine.

Yes, I am going to continue to date Ivan so please put my membership on hold.  I will call you if/when I'm ready to date again.

Thank you,

August 23, 2012

Dear Christina,
I apologize for taking so long to respond to your email. Rodney and I are still seeing each other and things are going well. He is a very kind and honest man with a great sense of humor. He is intelligent as well as a great listening. We are both looking for similar things and I am really looking forward to getting to know him better.
I want to thank you for listening and taking the time to find a great match for me. I am going to put my membership on a happy hold and take the time to see where things go with Rodney.
Thanks again,

August 23, 2012

Hi Nicole,

Yes, please put my status on " Happy Hold".
Your service is the first matchmaking service I have had any experience with. I found that I had the comfort of knowing my matches had a personal touch and safety of knowing everyone has had a background check. In having you make monthly matches I have been able to reenter the dating life when I found it a little scary post divorce, despite a few years post. Nicole, you have been very supportive and kind and so easy to talk with, it has been like talking to a good friend each month and as we had feedback calls after the meetups.
Billy is very easy to talk to, it seems we have known each other a long time. We can discuss anything and he is very comfortable to be around.We have many similarities, including being Nurses, Food, Colors, travel, children. He likes children and is ok that I still have teenager in the home. He has always been honest and is a gentleman and very kind with others as well. It seems easy to get to know each other.
Thank You,

August 20, 2012

Htet and me are taking some time to get to know each other.  I don't think he attracted me initially, but I tried to find his inner beauty and strength. He's ambitious and studious.  He's preparing for a second M.D. license exam for November.  He's very loving and caring.  He's calm and has a very good temper even if he's soft and gentle as a man.
I like you, Christina. You introduced guys to me very quickly and diligently.  When I didn't like the guy you described to me, you quickly moved along to introduce to me next one that you thought might be a good match.  You never pushed me. Instead you are very responsive, polite, sweet and professional.  I like you a lot.  Since you became my matchmaker, I've had such a good experience with this service. I would strongly recommend you to my friends. I think you are the best.
Since Htet and I want to be exclusive, I don't think it's proper to date other guys. Thank you again for introducing a good quality guy to me.
Best Regards,


August 16, 2012

Hi Megan,
Michael is very easy to talk to.  We didn't have any lag in our conversation.  He is well rounded, knows a lot about many topics too.  He is very grounded in his faith, is open and honest.  And he has a pretty good sense of humor which I really enjoy.
Considering that I haven't dated in 20 years and that I came to find your service in an accidental way, you guys did a bang up job!  Michael and I have set up 2 more dates over the next couple of weeks.  You have been very responsive with my initial concerns over the match and you were spot on with, "Just keep an open mind and go on the date".  That was the best advice!
At this time, please place my membership on hold.
Thank you so much!

August 13, 2012


Brian is easy to talk to.  We laugh and have a lot in common.

After reading the reviews I was scared, however my first introduction was very good.  I am just needing to go slow to get to know him so I am requesting to go on hold.

Thank you,


August 13, 2012

Hi Megan,
Here are the qualities that I found to be appealing about Karen:
1.       She is very calm
2.       She has a soothing effect on people around her
3.       She appears genuine
4.       She is easy to talk to
5.       She is athletic and is active all the time
These were my initial impressions of her.  I would like to reiterate that she is a wonderful person.
Thank you,

August 10, 2012

Hi Christina,

Well where do I start!? Well, Michael and I seemed to have hit it off from the get go. We broke your first rule of keeping the first call short. Unless a 6 hour call could be considered short.  We have not been at a loss for conversation. We still  talk up a blue streak.  He is a wonderful guy who has the same likes as I do and makes me laugh.  He is moving in "As a room mate first then we will see what happens."

Now as for you dear Christina, you are a jewel! I think you have my likes down pretty good.  You are really wanting the best, and seem to take all the suggestions and the customer's feed back to heart. And in my opinion that makes for a wonderful matchmaker!

Thank you. Wish us the best.