Htet and me are taking some time to get to know each other.  I don’t think he attracted me initially, but I tried to find his inner beauty and strength. He’s ambitious and studious.  He’s preparing for a second M.D. license exam for November.  He’s very loving and caring.  He’s calm and has a very good temper even if he’s soft and gentle as a man.
I like you, Christina. You introduced guys to me very quickly and diligently.  When I didn’t like the guy you described to me, you quickly moved along to introduce to me next one that you thought might be a good match.  You never pushed me. Instead you are very responsive, polite, sweet and professional.  I like you a lot.  Since you became my matchmaker, I’ve had such a good experience with this service. I would strongly recommend you to my friends. I think you are the best.
Since Htet and I want to be exclusive, I don’t think it’s proper to date other guys. Thank you again for introducing a good quality guy to me.
Best Regards,