Hi Christina,

What I like about Ivan:

1.  He’s a fisherman.  Has been for most of his life and is very knowledgeable on the subject.  Has a boat (that needs fixing still).  We have gone fishing together several times.  Once on a charter boat and twice or 3 times on my boat (until it broke).

2. Motorcycle rider.  I have never enjoyed riding on a motorcycle as much as with Ivan.  I’ve ridden on Harley’s mostly in the last 25 years.  But he has a BMW and a Suzuki.  They ride much nicer than a Harley (IMHO).

3.  Ivan is easy to talk to.  I can be myself around him.  Nothing has really ever been awkward between us.  We both took the CHSPE on the same day (6/10/1978) in the same place — at San Rafael High School.  What a coincidence!!

4.  He’s very intelligent.  He’s the kind of guy that can fix anything.  I REALLY find that important in a man.  I am realizing that more and more.  He’s going to fix my boat tomorrow.  🙂

My experience with your service was rocky to start.  But I continued to believe in you.  Hoping that the next one just might be “the one.”  So date #5, you introduced me to Ivan.  I have now changed my opinion about your service.  It just takes time!  You really can’t find love overnight.  It might be kinda weird if it did happen right away.

As for you Christina, you’ve been wonderful and patient.  You are good at what you do.  Although I wouldn’t want your job.  I’ll stick to mine.

Yes, I am going to continue to date Ivan so please put my membership on hold.  I will call you if/when I’m ready to date again.

Thank you,