Hi Nicole,

Yes, please put my status on ” Happy Hold”.
Your service is the first matchmaking service I have had any experience with. I found that I had the comfort of knowing my matches had a personal touch and safety of knowing everyone has had a background check. In having you make monthly matches I have been able to reenter the dating life when I found it a little scary post divorce, despite a few years post. Nicole, you have been very supportive and kind and so easy to talk with, it has been like talking to a good friend each month and as we had feedback calls after the meetups.
Billy is very easy to talk to, it seems we have known each other a long time. We can discuss anything and he is very comfortable to be around.We have many similarities, including being Nurses, Food, Colors, travel, children. He likes children and is ok that I still have teenager in the home. He has always been honest and is a gentleman and very kind with others as well. It seems easy to get to know each other.
Thank You,