I hope we become best friends

He cares deeply for others and he is a solid Christian. I enjoy spending time with him and I hope we can become best friends as our relationship grows.

We're a compatible pair

We are a compatible pair, and we enjoy each other’s company. I want to put my membership on happy hold, I want to see where this relationship is going! No rush, we’re taking everything slow and easy!

We're a nice fit

Yes, l'd like to place my account on hold. I think L and I are a nice fit. She is easy to be with, and we really get along. She is intelligent, calm and seems comfortable and confident in her own skin.

She is beautiful in every way

I met S on a Thursday. We met for an early lunch. For me it was an instant connection. S is smart, loving, compassionate, honest and every adjective that describes a good person. S is a beautiful woman in every way. I am so glad I came on this journey. Thank you to Krystal who didn't let me give up looking for S.

We had an immediate connection

I really got discouraged with my first few dates. I am so happy I didn't give up. On my 3rd date we had an immediate connection. She is smart, energetic, funny, and beautiful inside and out. This journey was tough, but I stuck it out and it was so very worth it. Thank you Krystal for not giving up on me and finding me such a wonderful partner. I know her and I will have many good times ahead.

Thank you for introducing us

I’m enjoying my time with M. Lori, thank you for introducing me to someone of his character. We both enjoy history and our time in retirement. He’s articulate, intelligent and practices a lot of the same ideals as I do. Thank you.

She's a fine woman

I met a real sweet gal name R. One our first date we met for a drink and talked for over two hours. It was great. For date number two I took R to learn how to shoot, she loved it! She has her target to show off to everyone! I took her on boat tour of the lake for our third date, and we even had music on it. She was singing to me. After that I took her to my country bar to meet some of my friends, and she seemed to really enjoy it.

We aren't sure yet where the future will take us but we are excited to have each other around. Thanks for introducing me to such a fine woman.

The nicest boyfriend I've ever had

L is really the nicest boyfriend I have ever had. Good introduction in terms of checked boxes and the important things. He is kind, outgoing, flexible. He is like me: well rounded, musical, love dancing and the arts, and we are both jocks! We have very similar musical tastes and he is a great cook. We have similar long term goals. 

We cook dinner together and it's fun. My dogs like him and he took them for a walk while I was on a work zoom the other night. This is really cool.

We are a creative combo

I would like to go on happy hold for S. We have seen each other a dozen times. She is lively, spontaneous like me. She’s understanding and we compliment each other so well. I walked her dogs while she had a zoom meeting for work. She got some peace and quiet and I got a nice long walk in.
We have played some golf and gone to top golf. She is really fun. We’re the same astrological sign, and she is an artist and I am a musician outside of our regular jobs. We are a creative combo! She is a night owl and I am a morning person but we are making it work. It is really cool

We're so much alike

We’re so much alike! She’s easy to talk to. She’s athletic. She’s energetic and stays active. We have so much in common, and we love each other’s company.