I want to be put on Happy Hold :-)

Hi Jasmine! Hope you are well! I have been incredibly busy!

Christina and I are happy together. We are having fun and are connected.

Christina is easy going, energetic, and just love her smile.

"I want to be put on Happy Hold".

I thank the entire staff for introducing me to Christina.



It is worth the wait!

To: Jessica

Gloria is a pretty good match for me. I don’t know about that darned poodle; I guess she needed something to cuddle up to before me. Things are going pretty well. She enjoys my wit, and I like her beauty and charm. I have never dealt with a lady before, and she definitely qualifies. I think in a couple of weeks we will be finishing each other’s sentences.


I could almost write a book about my reservations about my membership. Fortunately, they were miss-guided.

I need to put my membership on hold, perhaps forever; however, four months for now.

Thank you for your effort in mating us.


I feel very lucky

Good morning, Megan.

Yes, I’d like to confirm my request to place my membership on hold.  With regard to C, I would be happy to share my impression of him and his many positive qualities.

C is always upbeat, looking for the silver lining of every cloud that comes his way, and he is helping me do the same. He not only accompanies me to family’s and friends’ occasions, but he also really wants to meet the people who are important to me so we have more experiences to share. We both have traditional values, and I am frequently surprised at how much we have in common:  our taste in music, movies, and pastimes.  Sharing so many interests and values has made our relationship evolve quite smoothly, and I have felt comfortable with him since our first dinner together.  He possesses a wonderful sense of humor, and his sometimes-corny jokes are surprisingly endearing. C has brought more laughter and fun to my life, and I feel very lucky to have been matched with him.

Thank you,


Place my membership on hold...

Yes, I'd like to place my membership on hold.  Here is a list of Sam's qualities, which I appreciate:

  • - She is physically beautiful
  • - Great smile
  • - She is funny and jokes around a lot
  • - Makes me laugh
  • - Mature - low drama
  • - Self-aware
  • - Operates in love as a guiding principle
  • - Good listener and is present when we are together
  • - Strong woman, works hard, has her own career and doesn't need me
  • - Active/works out. Cares about her health & fitness
  • - Is spiritual, but not religious
  • - Is a good mom and loves and respects her son
  • - loves her pet and treats her bulldog Lulu with great love
  • - Loves adventure & travel
  • - Enjoys dancing
  • - Plays hard & and is fun
  • - Is warm and sweet, while also sometimes being sizzling hot and audacious


Our parallel interests are uncanny...

Hi Jesse,

I am officially requesting that my membership be placed on hold.

I would like to take the time to get to know Mary better. I have many things in common with her. We both are retired Respiratory Therapists. I worked my last job with four Respiratory Therapists that she went to school with. We both share similar views in our spirituality and simultaneously think the same thoughts. We both share the same sense of humor. Our parallel interests are uncanny.


We both have similar types of dogs and have walked them together. Our dogs get along as well! We both enjoy hiking and on our first date we hiked in the park and second date hiked at the beach with the dogs.  We both enjoyed the beach and were amazed at the experience of watching whales migrating. We have had many conversations and enjoy each other’s company.

In summary, these are the qualities I like about her. She communicates well, has a positive outlook, and is very supportive of the goals that I am trying to achieve. Last, I like that she is very conscientious about taking care of our environment.

Thank you for giving me the time to explore this relationship and see where this leads to.



I really like her...

She was very beautiful, very intelligent, funny and I liked her humor.....her stories were being very open and truthful and interesting to me. She liked me also, so that was really good!

We are seeing each other again and we have corresponded with each other each day since our date. We have things in common and have very close expectations. I really like her and that is why I’m requesting happy hold to spend more time getting to know her.

Thank you, James

We are on date #3 today!

Hi Megan-

Please place my membership on hold.

Some things I appreciate Gene:

  • He has called me every night since our first date
  • He is very open and honest
  • Big on communication
  • Handsome :)
  • Seems like someone who would challenge me (in a good way) as far as communication and being more in touch with a relationship

Very happy with this match so far - we are on date #3 today!

Thank you,


We are getting married next weekend!


Hi Noemi,

Just thought we should let you know that John and I are extremely happy and getting married next weekend!  We are going to Italy for our honeymoon, then moving into our new home together.  Without your service, none of this would be possible.

Thank you!

Love, John and Katherine

It was a very good experience working with your team.

Vickie is very even-keel, no peaks and valleys. She loves to travel for weekend getaways. She is very excited about planning our wedding which she has total control of. I am very lucky to have found my soulmate.

Thanks to the matchmakers for introducing us to each other. It was a very good experience working with your team to meat quality people and find the woman who put the smile back on my heart.