Good morning, Megan.

Yes, I’d like to confirm my request to place my membership on hold.  With regard to C, I would be happy to share my impression of him and his many positive qualities.

C is always upbeat, looking for the silver lining of every cloud that comes his way, and he is helping me do the same. He not only accompanies me to family’s and friends’ occasions, but he also really wants to meet the people who are important to me so we have more experiences to share. We both have traditional values, and I am frequently surprised at how much we have in common:  our taste in music, movies, and pastimes.  Sharing so many interests and values has made our relationship evolve quite smoothly, and I have felt comfortable with him since our first dinner together.  He possesses a wonderful sense of humor, and his sometimes-corny jokes are surprisingly endearing. C has brought more laughter and fun to my life, and I feel very lucky to have been matched with him.

Thank you,