Beautiful, brilliant and dialed in


Please do put my membership on hold.

Amy is beautiful, brilliant and dialed in. I look forward to spending more time getting to know Amy and feel she is the special lady in my life.

Megan, this service has brought to me a person that I feel the chemistry.

Thank you for taking care of us both.


You may have nailed it

Hi Gianni; I met with Linda Saturday afternoon for lunch and had a great time. Linda expressed to me that she had a lot of fun. We both are witty and she expresses herself very elegantly and to the point. She is very attractive, a great smile and an awesome Christian. We talk for three hours or more. I have called her this evening and we are planning to get together again this weekend. Neither her or myself were bashful about talking about anything and everything. When we talked this evening, we discussed what each of us is looking for in a relationship, we are on the same page. She also said there were so much more she wanted to say, but we both thought we had taken up way more than our share of the space at the restaurant where we met. Gianni, I think you may have nailed it. So far, I like Linda a lot. Thanks for your help. I would like at this time to place myself on "happy hold". Thanks again. John

Thanks for introducing us.

Brie -
Just briefly I'll list what I appreciate about Ann. She is intelligent, educated (nursing), involved in our world as a hospice nurse, she has been so far willing to let me enjoy her company even though there's a great disparity in our incomes.
Thanks for introducing us. I'm not an easy person to match because I've always been unconventional.
Please place me on a "happy hold" until January while Ann & I ascertain whether or not we become friends or just acquaintances.

I definitely miss her between dates

Hi Brie.  I hope you are well. Joe is wonderful. She's kind, compassionate and empathetic, and yes, she's beautiful. She's very intelligent, and yet humble.  Her conversation is light and funny and insightful. She is hilarious! And makes me laugh. It's only been a short while but I definitely miss her between dates.

Thank you for everything you did, Brie.  You were very professional, courteous, responsive, and obviously helpful. It was a pleasure working with you and I'm thinking I will owe you a big favor if all this works out.  :)
Lastly, I would like to confirm that I have requested to place my membership on hold.
Thank you, Brie, and I hope you have a very nice week.

Gotten closer and closer

Dear Brie,
I would like to put a hold on my matchmaking service. You recently set matched me up with Randy. He seems to be very kind, intelligent and funny.. Since becoming my matchmaker you have consistently gotten closer and closer to what I have been looking for. Thank you.
I would like to put a hold on the service to see where this leads. I don't know if Randy feels the same way as far as a hold is concerned, but I wouldn't want to meet anyone else if were seeing someone else.
Thank you so much and we shall see how it goes. 

Companionship, love of new experiences, intimacy


I enjoyed having dinner with Jane because of the ease and comfort of conversation. There was a good back-and-forth with us and I felt a real connection with her. She seems like a giving person who is looking for the same things I am looking for: companionship, love of new experiences, intimacy. There are so many things that go into building a relationship that are indescribable and you just know when you have "hit it off." I felt that way with her. Her manner was very giving and she was willing to share my salad and let me sample some of her food. I also offered to share a taste of mine. There was a palpable give and take between us. I liked her. She asked me if I would like to play cards with some of her friends and I would like that very much!

In terms of dealing with you: We have played phone tag, but manage to connect with each other. I appreciate your willingness to return my calls and connect given both of our busy schedules. You are very nice and accommodating and I appreciate your phone etiquette and professionalism.