You may have nailed it

By Published On: November 28, 2017

Hi Gianni; I met with Linda Saturday afternoon for lunch and had a great time. Linda expressed to me that she had a lot of fun. We both are witty and she expresses herself very elegantly and to the point. She is very attractive, a great smile and an awesome Christian. We talk for three hours or more. I have called her this evening and we are planning to get together again this weekend. Neither her or myself were bashful about talking about anything and everything. When we talked this evening, we discussed what each of us is looking for in a relationship, we are on the same page. She also said there were so much more she wanted to say, but we both thought we had taken up way more than our share of the space at the restaurant where we met. Gianni, I think you may have nailed it. So far, I like Linda a lot. Thanks for your help. I would like at this time to place myself on “happy hold”. Thanks again. John

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