I feel like you care about me.

By Published On: September 25, 2018

Confirmed, thank you!

Please put my account on hold as I look forward to becoming more acquainted with Steve.
His strength of character is further exemplified by the number of years of education and job training he has acquired.  Having the ability to put off rewards of the immediate for those of the future are highly valued in my world.
Most importantly, he was open regarding the failure of his previous marriages. He said that he had seeked the counsel of a psychologist – and still does today.  He articulated quite clearly that ” It was all about me. I was selfish.”  Perhaps better put, ” I’m a card carrying member of non-‘God Complex Doctors’ Anonymous” as well as non-‘I will win every argument Attorney’ Anonymous!
Jessica has made a concerted effort to accommodate my very particular concerns. She has learned the vernacular specific to the Mormon church, it’s basic, albeit complex, functioning structure and many of its subtle inner workings.
(Thank you, Jess, for all your time, energy and concern finding matches.!!  I feel like you care about me.)

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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