Craig is a great match for me with activity, personality, humor, unique qualities and religous preferences. We have been almost inseperable since the second date. I was closing down relationships and not accepting any more line ups and not attendin singles activities as I was tired of the time involved and ready for about a one year break. I was only taking matches from Katherine.
Katherine was great to listen to the comments that i had and the feedback that i was able to offer on the men that i met through her. Many had a few qualities that i had defined on my “Love Matrix”, the list of traits and characteristics that I had found were important to me in a companion. She would listen carefully and then try to match the next one, like a patchwork quilt. A few pieces that fit each time, but not quite the right pattern. I appreciated the timely return of phone calls and her efforts during “phone tag” to work to get in touch with me.
Please put my membership on hold as I explore my relationship with Craig. When people ask how we met, “on-line” they ask, i smile and say, no, it was my matchmaker- Katherine!  
🙂 Wendi