July 11, 2014

By Published On: July 11, 2014

Hello Megan: I was glad to be introduced to Walter! After two rather disappointing matches, I was so surprised to be matched with someone like him. Walter is a laid back, gentle and thoughtful person who is emotionally open and honest. He is a hard worker and works in the same field as I do. We seem to be able to talk for hours about our experiences at work and our world views of life in general. Although he works a lot of hours, we have been able to get together 5 times in the last six weeks and have had some deep phone conversations, too. Fourth of July was really special, spending most of the day together. He even met some of my friends and he and they hit it off well! We feel very comfortable with one another and talk easily about things we can do together in the future. Walter is an intelligent, peaceful person who enjoys many of the same simple pleasures that I do such as walks, cooking together and visiting friends. I admire his compassion and humility, his courage and his open mind. My feelings for him are growing and I am grateful for every minute that we spend together. Thanks Match Making! You seem to have “hit this one out of the park!”

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