July 7, 2014

By Published On: July 7, 2014
Hi Marie,
We got busy yesterday so didn’t get to write you back.  Bill is a very nice person and easy to talk to.  He is in Marin County which is a plus.  I really only want dates in Marin or Sonoma County as the other places are just too far away.  Bill and I have had 2 lunch dates.  Don’t know what will be next.  He just lost his wife about 4 months ago so I am not sure he is ready to go through this.  I took a year of mourning before I was ready.  Maybe men are different!  Bill seems to be healthy.  He can walk up a hill like a goat!  I am used to walking on straight areas so was not as good at walking as he was.  Since our relationship is so new — we have no idea where it will go.  Time will tell. 
I have enjoyed working with you as a matchmaker.  I have lost count of my dates.  I know it takes a long time for you to find dates for me.  I have sort of changed my requirements.  I did say no shorter than 5’10”.  Bill is 5’8″ but that is o.k.  I also did not want to date a liberal.  But I know it can be worked out.  Two of my children are liberal and two are conservative.  We just don’t talk politics!  Bill has an Obama sticker on his car but have had no conversations along the political line.  Bill has a beard and a mustache, but guess he has had those always and they don’t look bad on him.  Yes, I would like to put my membership on hold until we can decide if it is right or not.  Thank you for your good work.

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