My encounter with Renae was over breakfast at a local establishment.  At your request I had made contact with Renae simply to meet her and to get to know a little more about her as an individual.  She is extremely honest and straight forward in her approach to meeting people with no sugar-coating.   She is very personable, fun to be with and has a great sense of humor.  I look forward to getting to know her better over dinners and evenings out.
My experience was questionable at first.  But as time wore on the dating service became a little closer to home.  I was wondering how some of the matches were made but even with a list of likes and dislikes I realize it is hard to put two people together and balance personalities.  Each date was a surprise with an unknown.  It was fun meeting new people and to see what was behind door # 1 ?
At the present time I would like to suspend (put on hold)  the dating membership as I would like to get to know different aspects of Renae in greater detail.  I do not want to try to juggle a series of different relationships while getting to know Renae.
Donni, you did a great job in following up with me to determine my likes, wants and needs to see if you were on target with providing quality individuals.  I appreciate your determination to make my experience with others rewarding and comfortable.  You were professional and personable.  Thank you.