Thanks for being my matchmaker! I find you to be responsive, respective, upbeat, encouraging. I have no patience and of course wanted to find Mr. Right out of the starting gate. Didn’t happen, but the men you referred to me were nice — just nothing in common and not for me.
Mike seems to have the qualities I’m looking for in a potential husband — I’m excited that he too wants to get to know me and we are both taking it slow. So I’m requesting my membership be put on hold until I let you know otherwise.
First glance at Mike walking toward me was great — he doesn’t look 66.  Very nice looking and nice smile.
My priorities:
Christian — yes!  He has a wonderful heart for God
Talkative — yes!  He talked almost as much as me and is good at sharing and listening.
Open & honest — Yes!  Also says loyal, which is important for me!
Active — Yes!  Although he is currently a workaholic he enjoys lots of activities and many the same as me.  He has played tennis in the past and is willing to give it another try (not that it’s a deal breaker but could be interesting).  He used to be a runner (not me).  We both love the water and he has a boat.  We both love theatre and music and animals.
Thus far we’ve talked almost 3 hours and I have no negatives or red flags to be of concern.  I’m really excited!
Previously I was concerned that you wouldn’t be able to find someone with the qualities I am looking for.  I am very particular and won’t settle for second-best.  If I have to remain single, so be it.  But I kept praying that God would have the right someone sign up for the program.  I sincerely hope that’s Mike — so far so good.  We definitely have a lot in common and now we need to have some time to get to know one another.
Have a great week, wonderful Easter — and hopefully I won’t be calling you any time soon!