We are in love.

By Published On: March 16, 2018
Here’s my testimonial:
We are in love. The most serious love either of us have known in many years.  Shawn and I have both been married twice and have teenage sons, but we are both incurable optimists, so we decided to sign up for something more substantial than a typical on-line dating service. We have been there and done that. It took a few tries, but we were both impressed by the persistence of our matchmaking team. Each time things did not work out, our representative called to talk about why the match fell short- and learned from the feedback, refining subsequent offers. A
t first, I thought Shawn lived too far away, but I am so glad I agreed to meet her anyway. She is well worth the drive and we are now so serious, I am actively looking for a new job close to where she lives. She literally fulfills everything on a list I wrote out years ago and is even more than I dared to ask for! We had to laugh when Shawn also recently produced her literal list, and apparently I am everything she wanted too; with one exception- I don’t own a tux- but I intend to fix that very quickly! A wonderful matchmaker named Bree brought us together and we often mention her. We want to do something special for the woman who introduced us to one another. At this point, we believe we will be together forever. Content and wildly happy!

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