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By Published On: October 26, 2015
Hi Holly,
Sarah is very relatable to me because we are both single working full-time parents raising a special needs child.  She is also very passionate about fitness (a gym rat) like me, which is something very special and rare and valuable to me.  I like that she has a really nice easy going relaxed personality like me which made being together very comfortable and I felt like we would be able to become intimate very easily and that being with her physically would be very enjoyable and passionate.  I found her to be very sweet, kind, generous, affectionate and felt like we were both feeling really attracted to each other, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  She is someone who really got my attention and still has fully it.  So of course I want to see her again and we have plans to work out together (of course) this Friday at her gym.  If you haven’t gotten it by now, I value women that work out above all others.  She is a great woman in a lot of ways and I felt like we really hit it off completely.  It was the most enjoyable first date Ive ever had and I am very open to her being a long-term partner.  So we’ll see how thing go.
This was a good match for me.  Thanks,

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