I felt tingles when I first saw him

By Published On: October 27, 2015

Hi Holly,

Don has so many wonderful qualities. I continually learn new things about him. They are all are positive and suit me well. I was initially drawn to his look and vibe. I felt tingles when I first saw him. My instinct was good. He has proven to be kind, fun, intelligent, compassionate and passionate, I find him very attractive. He makes me feel like he feels the same about me. We have similar backgrounds that click. Both Midwesterners by birth and early years, we both love California now. Our values are shared. We are compatible in our life style and our vision of the future. All of these qualities, and more, make us a True Match. 
As for my experience, I had a rocky start with a mismatch that was caught on the first call from the gentleman involved. That was not a match from the moment we realized we had extremely opposite politics and religion. That came up right away in the call. We thought we were just making a date when one statement lead to another and we both were shocked and unhappy. I immediately called for an explanation and adjustment. They were responsive in the ways I asked. Then you “hit it out of the park” with Don. So ALL that is forgiven and soon forgotten. I would recommend your service to others. 
Warm regards,

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