Llittle butterflies

By Published On: October 19, 2015
I appreciate the effort you have put into finding
a match that seems very compatible for me.
After just three dates we have had so much
in common and have enjoyed the dates we’ve had
that we want to spend time exploring
our relationship further.
I find Terry to be very easy to talk to and we
have many of the same values. Not only do
I find in handsome and attractive he is very
much a gentleman. We both enjoy the out
doors; things like golf, walking, hiking
and biking just to name a few. Music and
dancing are others. We love animals and
So much in common we both like the same
kind of pie as our favorite .
I confirm to you that we have agreed we
want to focus on dating exclusively
this time. I would like to go on what you
consider a “happy hold.” If we decide to resume
dating others I will notify you at that time.
Sabrina ,
I realize I may have given you some difficulty
in the past. I know me well at this age!
I believe you have worked hard for the matches
Following our conversations over the last
Several months. This man was a great choice
by you. He is the only one that has really
given me the ” little butterflies” a girl can get.
You get an A+ on this one.  We’ll see
What happens and I’m looking forward
to seeing over the next weeks/months
what happens!

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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