You helped me make the process fun and easy

By Published On: May 9, 2018

Hi Jess,

Thank you for matching me up with Jan- I look forward to learning more about her- She was right on time- fun right out of the gate- No awkward start- it was like we were friends from the first moment- She was easy to talk to- After 15 min we still hadn’t ordered our wine- Just a fun night- Jan is intelligent, witty, and uplifting- One just feels good being around her. She showed interest in me, and I could not stop trying to hear more about her- Please place my membership on happy hold.

Jess- you were right on- You described Jan and her personality- It was someone I definitely wanted to meet- My profile from the testing was right on- Your positive voice was always encouraging- You helped me make the process fun and easy- I would recommend you as a fine matchmaker-


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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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