Engaged on Valentine’s Day!!!

By Published On: February 11, 2017
Dear Brie,
I want to thank you you for working 
So hard to help me find my Mitchell!
I really liked working with you. 
You are very professional yet
Also personable and sweet!
It has taken me so long to reply 
Because he and I have been very
busy spending a lot of time 
Together. He is what I have been
looking for since I was 20 years
old!  He is affectionate, kind, 
respectful, loving, sweet, a great
father and son, has a wonderful 
 Sense of humor, so very good 
looking, mature, he’s served honorably 
our military, he loves the Lord, and
to finish this run-on sentence, I
have finally found someone who 
Loves me exactly the way I am. 
It took a few introductions to find
but Mitchell, but those dates were
Nothing like the horrible 
Experiences I had on Match!
I would like to cancel my member
ship as Mitchell and I are getting
engaged on Valentine’s Day!!!❤
So, congratulations Brie!
You are a success!!!

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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