Hi Andrea,
The things I like about Beatriz are, for one, she is very attractive, very sexy. She likes to work out, and keep herself fit, which is important to me in a woman, since I am a competitive athlete/runner and coach. She is intelligent, and we can have intelligent conversations. She is a bit exotic, being Hispanic – of Peruvian origin, which I like – someone a bit exotic, both looks-wise, but also culturally, too.

She is pretty laid back, which I like. She is family-oriented, close to her kids and other family. I appreciate that as well. I like that she likes watching/following pro basketball – the Warriors, as I’m a fan, and it’s fun to talk about them with her and the games, etc.

I am confirming I’d like to place my membership on hold for now, to see where things go with Beatriz.

That’s about all I have to say. I do appreciate you trying for me, Andrea.