You done good!

By Published On: December 3, 2016
Hi Jess –
  Thanks for your call Friday and your time to chat a bit and allowing me to tell you a bit more about Candace to whom you introduced me a few weeks ago. 
  We have had our second date, and we have since set two more, one in about two weeks and New Year’s Eve.
  Although geographically, we are a bit challenged, however, her astrological sign is very compatible with mine and we share similar background as to our respective deceased spouses.  She has a warm personality, strongly supportive of my military service, we share similar political views; she is intelligent, physically and intellectually attractive.
  She is a classy lady and engaging in the social settings in which we have engaged so far. 
  Regardless of my preference for finding a match closer to my residence, I wish to nurture a possible relationship with Candance and wish to place my membership on hold.
  Although, you and I, Jess have had some lively discussion about my expectations in Matchmakers, with Candace . . . you done good!

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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