We seem to be quite compatible in many areas

By Published On: March 6, 2017
Hi, Ray!
My apologies – have been spelling as “Rae.”
Priscilla is a delightful, mature woman who is self-confident and assured in any settings that I have observed.  She is courteously assertive about what she wants and needs (wants to be called Priscilla, not “Priss,” or some other shortening or minimization of her name), knows who she is and is comfortable with herself.  Priscilla is always appropriately well dressed, neat and clean with no intrusive perfume or cologne scents.  She is friendly and unfailingly polite to restaurant employees and wait staff.  Priscilla has been quite open about her life experiences to this point and about what she wants and expects from any relationship that might develop between us.  Like me, Priscilla reportedly likes to cuddle at home, enjoys strolling hand-in-hand, and is not at all self-conscious when we do that on the sidewalk, or walking around in a grocery store (we went to Whole Foods after dinner searching for glutin-free rye bread.)  In short, she is a lady.
We have enjoyed hours of conversation over dinner on two occasions to date and covered myriad topics, including past relationships and what caused them to fail, what we are looking for in any future relationship, travel preferences (no camping – nice motels), religious beliefs, or lack thereof, and personal habits.  Priscilla seems quite accepting of any differences we have uncovered and not inclined to “fix” me in any respect.  We might take dance lessons together, as I am a mediocre dancer at best.  Sounds like fun!  Both of us are joyful cooks when preparing for guests, but minimalists when cooking for ourselves alone.  We seem to be quite compatible in many areas and there is already a strong attraction.  I look forward eagerly to continuing and growing our relationship.
Regarding my experience with the matchmaking department, that has been very positive and I have enjoyed meeting each of the five women referred, even when we elected not to continue the association.   Each of the candidate matches were of appropriate age, intelligent, and at a point in life where “moving on” was a strong interest.  My interactions with you have always been very pleasant and upbeat; you are always genuinely interested in hearing my reactions and are fun to talk with!  My social life has not been this active for a very long time – there was very little “slack time” between notifications of a potential match and that has been a very good thing.  My only recommendation for improvement would be to pay somewhat closer attention to differences in political orientation; I am a strong, life-long conservative while three of the provided matches were more liberal, which is generally not a workable combination.
As we discussed in our earlier phone conversation, I request that you put my membership on “hold” while Priscilla and I get to know each other better.  I hope that this feedback provides what you needed.  Please let me know if you need anything more.

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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