It was good to talk to you today.  Richard and I met on Tuesday, March 21 at a Panera’s. at 10 a.m.when I called him that I had arrived. Our scheduled meeting was for 11 a.m.
We immediately seem to loosen up after introducing ourselves.  There was an instant gratifying acceptance of each other. Felt completely at ease with each other I think.
We had a light lunch and sat for about 5 hours and simply talked about our lives, our careers, ourselves, our families of kids and grand-kids.  It was thoroughly enjoyable.
Richard is a very well versed, interesting, not ego bound, not controlling, but does have his proverbial “ducks in a row” from what i gathered from our conversation.
We then went to Richard’s house which is a stunning collection of Native American art especially southwest.  I liked his personal views, his spiritual views, his love for his family, and love of life.
We both agreed that we were very lonesome living by ourselves and the emptiness of our houses and someone to talk to, travel with, hopefully travel within the “lower 48”.  He has been widely traveled militarily as well as personally.
We both agreed that we would like to see each other again and soon.
Thank you Gianni for your help in our meeting.
I realize this is only the first meeting but feel that we will get together again.
Therefore I would like to place my membership on hold for the moment.  I will let you know if I wish to change my HOLD status.