Hi Jenna,

On Saturday January 20, 2018 Bob and I met for lunch. With in minutes I was thinking to myself that I really like this man. Bob is definitely a family Man, he really care about his children, this was very important for me to know.  I have a very Close relationship with my children and grandchildren, so I really needed to know this up front.
Bob have a great personality, our conversations covered many topics that we both agreed with. Bob and I will be meeting again this weekend to learn more about each other.
I would like to thank Jenna for this introduction, Bob seems to be a perfect match, so right now I would to say good job Jena. This was the fourth introduction that I had through your company and the three previous ones I knew right from the get go this match was not for me.
I’m requesting that my membership is placed on Happy Hold.
Thank you Jena,