Hi Brie,

Sorry to be so slow responding.  The holidays are so busy!  And plus I have been busy having the time of my life with Will!!  You hit a home run, Brie.  I never would have thought that someone so perfect for me existed!  We have so much in common – we laugh so much and never run out of things to talk about.  We have so much fun and romance!  He is very kind, funny, smart, interesting, energetic, and just plain wonderful!!  
Yes, confirming membership on hold.  And I will try to remember to keep you posted on us.  I really can’t believe how compatible and happy we are.  Will says that it is as if he ordered his dream woman from Amazon and I arrived.  I feel the same.
Thank you so much, and thank you for making me meet him.  We have realized that isn’t so far when you love being together as much as we do!
Take care,