Felicity contacted me to let me know she was going to set up an introduction. R called me later that evening and actually ended up talking with each other for almost 3 hours. We spoke again the next night for hours again. We decided to meet for coffee near me and we were both so comfortable with each other, as if we were dear friends reconnecting and we spent 7 hours together talking about our lives, our kids, grandkids, our heath challenges. I learned R and his kids – along with me – all own and love DOGS!!!!!  The following week we spent my birthday together. IT WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!

R is Kind, Sweet, Romantic, Chivalrous. We have oh so many common interests and we love spending our free time together. Felicity hit it out of the park with introducing R and I. Thank you so very much for our introduction. We are both oh so very happy and look forward to seeing where our relationship will take us. I feel we will have an extremely happily ever after.  Felicity, you rock!!!!!