What I appreciate about Laurie:

I have found her to be exceptionally positive and energetic (without being over the top).

She is very humble, yet confident and highly intelligent.

Her sense of humor is very good with a touch of sarcasm that totally aligns with my personality.

She has a great love and devotion to her family and her children.

I very much appreciate how forthcoming she has been in sharing her story and background.

I greatly appreciate how independent she is and very honest about how important that is to her and her relationships with friends etc.

And, I have to mention that her smile and her eyes speak volumes, you can see a lot of that positive energy through her face.

While we are not a “total” match on all likes and dislikes, thus far we seem to be very much aligned in all of the things that really matter.

In short, I am very hopeful that we continue to find alignment and enjoyment in each other’s company.  It is way too soon to be speaking about what “could” be, but thus far I am very encouraged.  And yes, confirming that I would like to put my membership on “Happy Hold” while Laurie and I continue to see each other.