I feel confident that you will be able to find me someone

By Published On: May 15, 2017

Hi Brie!

Sorry it took so long to get back with you.   Yes, I do want to put my membership on hold, please. 
Things I like about Ben….
He is very laid back and easy-going, and tends to be more on the quiet side. Very good sense of humor. Has a lot of interests, and enjoys going out a lot to do a wide variety of different things. (so far we’ve visited an art museum, went to a motorcyle rally, went zip-lining, explored a cave, went shopping, went to the science center, went to a movie, and this weekend we’re going to a vintage drag race and then to a concert!) He is very considerate and thoughtful, always opens doors for me, etc. He is very fun-loving and is just a big kid who never really grew up at heart. 
I would have to say that, based on Ben’s personality, you have a pretty good idea of what I am looking for in a partner.  Even if this doesn’t work out, I feel confident that you will be able to find me someone who is a good match for my personality.  You are very sweet and easy to talk to. :-)
I’ll keep you updated on Ben, I’m still sort of holding my breath and waiting to see where this thing goes. 
Wish me luck!

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