Pretty much hit the nail on the head!!!

By Published On: May 18, 2017
Hi Ray,
Some of the qualities I appreciate about Dave is that he is a true gentleman, polished, professional, complimentary, is very true to his work and seems to give it 200% ( I like that ), some days he texts me good morning & have a good day, or a text in the evening to say he hoped I had a good day. I am just very comfortable with him!! He gets more handsome the more I get to know him!! He is polite, & very respectful.
Once the matchmaking dept. and I got on the same page, Ray pretty much hit the nail on the head!!!
My first date with Dave I was a bit on the fence. But was curious enough to continue on with a second date.
We had to skip our second weekend plans because I had a seminar in Scottsdale AZ., for 5 days. We stayed in touch. He is rather conservative which I like, we went to the movie Sunday evening where they bring your dinner to your reclining chair ( very comfy ) I had never been before, he has. He thought the movie was a documentary which it wasn’t in fact their was a few funny points in what was a King Arthur movie ( not sure if he laughed ) and the movie trailers that were shown before the movie started were very funny, so I was laughing, Dave might have been a little? not sure, and he asked me….so you like comedy’s and what else? so I told him. I hope it did not turn him off??? But hopefully I’ll get a chance to ask him…..
PS. Could you please put my membership on hold for now until I see where this is going with David. Thank you.

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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