A long future ahead of us

By Published On: August 20, 2015

I have to admit I was doubtful about the match with Jim but decided to go ahead. He was interested in fishing and hunting while I am interested in opera and art galleries. The fact that he had been recently widowed also gave me pause for concern. I am so glad I accepted it. It was as if we had been old friends who had not seen each other in a few years. Unlike so many of the other first meeting where conversation was stilted and awkward we fell into and easy conversation and our first date lasted for several hours. We agreed to see each other again in a few days but by that evening as new friends on Facebook we both felt we didn’t want to wait that long. Instead we went for a drive out of town and continued to laugh and talk the entire time.

We are both willing to compromise and try activities that the other enjoys. What I discovered was that while our interest were very different our values and outlook on life is similar. Last Sunday I watched my first NASCAR race ever at Jim’s place. He explained the ins and outs of the race. Jim loves to cook so he grilled steaks for us. We both like them cooked the same way and are meat eater! We both like to drink bourbon. I like to cook also so I made home made ice cream and peanut brittle.
Jim is an honest, hard working caring and affectionate man. I think we have a long future ahead of us.
I am only Jim’s second match while I have had many so I felt pretty sure I’d finally met the kind of guy I had been waiting for. He feels that since he lucked into the best on his second try why look any further.

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