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By Published On: July 5, 2017

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I did enjoy meeting Larry (who has the same first name as my late wonderful husband of 30+ years).
Some qualities I liked… and that he had in common with my late husband or me:
  • His appearance is appealing and he has a mustache (which is one of the things that attracted me to my late husband.
  • He’s a Vietnam veteran, Marine photographer and was later a recruiter for the Marines. My husband was a Vietnam Era veteran. I do volunteer work with WWII veterans, the Marine Corps League, Honor Flight, etc.
  • We both attended K-State as well as other colleges.
  • We both studied journalism (I have a degree from the University of Missouri in journalism.)
  • He studied electrical engineering. My husband was in industrial electrical sales.
  • I worked for Hallmark for 11 years, 1970-81. He worked for one of their distribution centers for a short time as a youth.
  • He owns a 1967 Corvette. My husband went to Woodstock in a ‘Vette, and owned a ’70 and ’72, plus a 1987 in his last six years battling cancer.
  • He has a daughter in real estate. I have a stepdaughter in real estate.
  • He’s proud of his daughter and son. That’s a good sign.
  • He has granddaughters. I have two step-granddaughters (and two step-great-grandchildren).
  • He had a lot of interesting stories about working in China and Argentina.
For our date on Friday, he picked a restaurant instead of having me come up with something. We had dinner on the patio and talked till after 10 (over 3 hours). He walked me to my car.
We both realized we hadn’t exchanged last names, so I called and left a message and he called and left a message. We connected by phone late Saturday afternoon, and he said since we were both busy we probably wouldn’t be able to get together till after I return from Alaska (June 10-21). I said that I was available if anything changed. He called this morning, and asked if I liked barbecue and would meet him Thursday for lunch at a new restaurant. So I’ll see him again tomorrow.

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