Very timely, professional and attentive

By Published On: July 12, 2017
Hi Jess,
When I signed up with Matchmaker I was excited but also skeptical.  The skepticism took a back seat when Carolyn walked up to the restaurant on time with a smile that lit the area that surrounded her.  Her obvious outer beauty was a good start to a wonderful night of conversation.  Carolyn had broken a rib the Saturday prior to this and though she was in a bit of pain she still showed up where I think most would have rescheduled.  
She seemed very genuine and was involved in the conversation.  As we spoke I found it hard to not look at her eyes as she did not shy away from eye contact.  She has her life together and is a caring mother who is very involved with her kids.  She is financially stable, in great shape, and so far she is a lot like me where she can just go where the night takes us.  When we went out the second time we had planned on dinner and a movie but I hadn’t made any movie plans yet as I didn’t want to put us on a schedule should we talk past a movie time.  She is very open and honest.  I am really looking forward to getting to know more about her.
In regards to my experience thus far with Matchmaker as I said I was skeptical; however, she was everything described to me and possibly more.  You have all been very timely, professional and attentive.  
At this time I would like to put my account on hold so that I can really invest my time with Carolyn.
Thank you,

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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