Not an easy task

By Published On: February 6, 2016
Hello Kalima:
Most important things first. Kalima thank you for working so diligently to narrow down the field of eligible ladies to find ones that meet my expectations. This is not an easy task or I would have managed to have achieve it myself. You have gotten closer and closer each time. Thank you.
Tammy is a very nice lady and we have texted more than we have met in person. She has caught my attention with some of her statements that lead me to believe I would like to try and spend more time with her. She has the same if not stronger work ethics than I do. This might be a good thing and perhaps a major stumbling block. I would be more than willing to change my pattern to make room for her but based on what is currently happening she’s reluctant to do the same.
She does have an active life style, I like that. She volunteers another plus. She has an attractive persona that has drawn me toward her based on our one personal meeting. That is why I would like to work on having more meetings with her. If she does respond in that direction that will allow us to figure out if we are a match that can go further.
 I’m not good at dating several ladies at one time so please pause my introductions for a moment until I contact you with an update.
Again thank you so much for your hard work.

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