P and I spent three hours on Friday at the coffee shop for our first meeting! He seems like he is an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time. He is very close to his family and so am I. I like to go walking around and he does too. We are going to eat out on the patios at nice restaurants and go on walks. He doesn’t know the area very well and I told him I will show him all around and to leave it to me.

We have clarified what we want out of a relationship and it seems the same. I feel like we are on the same level regarding commitment at the moment. We are on the same page and same speed. He told me that he is dating a cougar since I am one year older at 81. We have a long way to go but not too long at this age. I told my daughter and she thought it was so nice that I have met someone I like spending time with.

Thank you Lori. I really like talking to you. You have been so helpful.