Thank You with all my Heart

By Published On: January 29, 2016
Dear Amber:

I am taking this time to write you about the last match you made for me, I would like to say at this time I have only had TWO match’s this one I am writing about is my second.. I would very much like to thank you for the job you have done, even though the first lady you match me with was a nice lady there really was NOT that one little spark that I was looking for… But then you match me with Marlene …… Now I have to say that when you called me about Marlene I had just had my eye operated on and I really was not able to go out on a date because I could not drive, but I did want to meet her. I remember you telling me to go ahead and call her and talk, but to let her know what I was going though and see where it may go. So that is just what I did. Now that was about 4 to 5 weeks ago and Marlene and I have been txting and talking every day and have had 3 dates and I am going to her house tonight for our 4th date. I have even meant 2 of her daughters and 5 of her grand kids and then were awesome.¬† We are having a good time with each other and the things that we have in common are great they just keep showing up, every day we hind something else we have in common. So I would like to thank you Amber again for matching me with Marlene, I would like to say some of the qualities I like about Marlene is (1), her heart, Big and beautiful caring and giving heart, (2) her humor, we laugh all the time at and with each other, (3) Her kindness, like I said very giving, (4) she is beautiful from the inside out, (5) the things we have in common are truly AMAZING !! from our beliefs in the Lord to some of the things we like to eat there are just so many and we just keep finding more its great!!… So Marlene and I are really just taking things one day at a time to see were this goes and with the help of the good Lord maybe we will go for the rest of our life’s.. So again Miss Amber, I Thank You with all my Heart and I hope and pray that you will NOT have to make another match for me.

Thank You

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