Dear Marie,
Thank you for a match with Jason, I think thus far, from our short lunch, we are compatible in many ways. Things I liked about him: he is very physically attractive, fit and perfect height 👀🍭. He is easy to talk to, funny, projects energy as a person so knows what he wants, approach-full, kind, seems to be willing to share personal and professional stories, he has good on the table / off the table manners, he follows through, and seems to respect my time. He also expressed interest to hear about my child, which is very important to me! We briefly talked about activities and found to have some similar hobby interests.
I have to express how happy I have been working with you, you understand me as a mother and as a woman, it appears I do not have to explain myself too much and you understand my basic needs / wants and what I am looking for! Thank you
Yes, I am confirming that for now, I d like to place things on hold, until Jason and I meet a few more times and see where things go.
Gracefully appreciative,