June 24, 2014

By Published On: June 24, 2014

I’ve been part of Cali Singles since January, and I have to admit, it has taken them awhile to find quality matches for me. This was not necessarily a bad thing though.  I have met some very good quality people with this organization, many people that you don’t really get to meet in every-day life, especially if you are career oriented.  I can honestly say that even though they were not exactly my match, that we had a fun and an interesting date. And, I’m not talking about your generic sit across the table and bla bla bla date about life and the pursuit of one’s happiness.  I’m talking about Kayaking, Zip-Lining, Scooter rides through SF, Savannah Channel on a Friday night type of dates.  Interesting people seem to migrate to great places to meet other interesting people.

As far as the staff goes, and yes it is a call center, Donni, Marie, and Megan have treated me with the greatest attention and respect that one in their position could offer.  

I am very satisfied with their service, knowledge, and passion of being single and trying to find the right person for your life.  I know sometime it could be discouraging for us as clients to be matched with someone that we’re not interest in for whatever reason, but at least you find out over dating exactly what you want and exactly who you want.  I tell my gurls every time we speak, ” thank you for spending the time to help me better define myself and who exactly I am looking for “.


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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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