Yes Pattie and I have hit it off and are starting to move forward with seeing more of each other and getting out together, so things are moving just right at the moment. 

Pattie is definitely a fun woman, she’s very outgoing, outdoor activities the works; she’s very affectionate and communicates, this is VERY good; and she is a great conversationalist, never a dull moment.  She is terrific!!

As far as working with the matchmaking department and with you Lucy, you guys have been great.  I really feel that you have a great idea as to the type of Lady that I was looking for and you nailed it on the head with Pattie.  Thank you for keeping her on the hook, so to speak, for me once I returned from my training.  That says a lot when it comes to knowing how people will work together and create a solid relationship.  Thanks for all your assistance with finding Pattie.  Wish me luck!!

At this point I would like to suspend my dating and put my membership on hold to see where things go with Pattie.

Thanks for everything!:)