June 7, 2014

By Published On: June 7, 2014
Hi Kathrine,
I have found my experience with matchmaking to be a bit hit and miss at first, but I think after you and I had the difficult conversations we have seemed to be on the same page. I have regained my trust in you and have come to value our conversations I feel like I’m talking to one of my very good friends every time we talk.
The future worries me due to the fact of my move to upstate NY, and Jamie and I dealing with that, but I will keep you updated on our progress throughout the move.
Now for the fun stuff…… Jamie is just sweet, cute, tall, and has a great smile. She is very relaxed about things and she just has this way about her that just makes me want to take her with me wherever I go, every time I see her I want to see her again.  She knows how to have fun without being high maintenance, she dresses casual but looks great. She has lived life before me and I think she has a good idea of where she would like to end up. I have had the privilege of meeting her daughter, and it just shows you that Jamie is an amazing mom and person, her daughter is an exceptional child.
Jamie doesn’t think she is attractive or sexy, but that makes her more attractive and sexy to me. Jamie is so easy to be around their is no work in being with her anything we do together just turns out fun exciting but not like trying hard to be anything  I’m just being me, and she seems the same, she is who she is and it’s so nice to be with a women being herself Jamie doesn’t fake being herself, just like me. I always look forward to seeing her because I know we will have a great time even if nothing goes to plan we will come out laughing.
I really hope we survive the move to NY, but if not I have a better idea of the type of women I like being around, and I just want to thank you Kathrine for all of your help I know I can be difficult and demanding, but if I end with a quality woman like Jamie everything will be worth it :-)
Thanks again, your friend Brad

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