June 7, 2014

By Published On: June 7, 2014
Hi Marie,
Some qualities I liked about Barry was that he is a soft spoken, masculine man with what seems in a few hours of our conversation has a sensitive side and is spiritual that I didn’t expect from his description. He has a great smile and is health/fitness conscious which is very important to me, not crazy into it, just into it and it shows. 

My experience with the matchmaking department has been mixed. Since I have started working with you that has turned around. Marie, you have listened to me and I really feel you understand what type of person I am looking for. You present each match with enthusiasm and I feel I can discuss possible concerns with you. The bottom line…. I can tell you enjoy what you do and I feel you are really trying to find my match and I have very much appreciated that. 

At this time I want to put my membership on hold so I can explore and find out where things go with Barry. 

Thank you so much Marie.

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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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