June 7, 2014

By Published On: June 7, 2014

Hi Kathrine,
This is to confirm that my membership is on hold in order to see what happens with Julie.  Julie is a good lady, hard working, intelligent, with a good sense of humor.  I enjoy her company and we seem to have fun when we are together.  My biggest concern is still religion.  I am sure we have the same basic beliefs.  However, I am a little afraid the activity level within the religion will eventually become a problem.  That said I still want to see where things go.  I have never been one to try to date multiple people at the same time.  In my opinion it is just not fair to either party.
As for my experience with Matchmaking.  I have appreciated working with you.  You seem genuinely interested in find me a match.  I have found many of the ladies I have been introduced to have not had similar interests as mine.  I understand all you can do is match me according to the interests and values each individual has based on the information they have given you, so it is not your fault.  I tend to be very active and the most important thing in my life is the people I associate with.  I am hopeful to eventually meet someone who enjoys my company to the same extent as I enjoy hers.  Maybe Julie???
Thank you for your help and I hope I have answered your questions.

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