Hello Gianni!I
I am so pleased with Pointer! I love that he is self employed; that makes him a strong dominate male, a leader, a provider, and lots of self confidence that is very attractive!
Pointer is clean and well dressed. He is comfortable in elegant places. He wants to travel the world and explore things. And i feel he has the means to do these things.
When I first saw him he had a big smile on his face and recognized me right off the bat. He was like a ray of sunshine and I only saw him even though we were in a public place.
He is a very attractive, healthy, and brillant young man. He loves life and desires to live and have fun!
You, Gianni, are a kind loving person that really enjoys her job! You are very upbeat and positive every time I have talked to you.  You have listened to my desires and matched me accordingly.
I pray Pointer will not be disappointed in me. So far he is a wonderful guy. Please place me on a happy hold for now so I can give this wonderful man a chance.