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By Published On: January 16, 2017


I am so happy that I joined Matchmakers. I never would have met Jim.
After years of meeting men on websites that never seemed to be who they said they were I decided to give finding love one more chance. Jim and I met at a restaurant for drinks in November just a few days before I was leaving for a singles cruise.
Although I wasn’t immediately drawn to him physically once we began talking I quickly saw the qualities I’ve been looking for.  Jim is direct, honest, faithful and successful. His steel blues eyes were engaging almost immediately. I was worried that my feisty personality would be a turn off as it had for so many before but Jim loves strong, smart women.
He’s open to opera or country western music. A continuous learner always seeking new experiences, just like me!  He introduced me to his two daughters and other family at Christmas and it was as though I had known them for years. The same was true when he met my family and friends.
Our paths are very different but they have lead us to be together.  It’s only been a short time, less than two months, but we believe we’ve found our soul mate. I’m looking forward to spending more time together and am requesting that you place my membership on happy hold.

I think you were much better prepared  to match me after we had a nice discussion about my values and my concerns to find someone that would not be intimidated by me.  I know it’s hard to pick up and go with just a profile.  Thanks for the great job and sticking with me.


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Written by : Matchmaking Team

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