Hi Lucy,
I just want to say thanks for the wonderful match you found for me!  Lawrence is an absolute dream!  We have similar social interests, our general outlooks on how we approach living life are similar, and we are looking for very similar things in our romantic relationships.  He’s kind, accomplished, interesting….and oh, so handsome! :-). And, he knows how to treat a lady…he’s not afraid to show his genuine interest in me and he has already planned several future outings for the two of us, after just a couple of dates together.  He’s expressive, funny, charming and passionate.  I look forward to my dates with him, as if I were a young maiden being courted for the first time.  He’s absolutely fantastic!
I am requesting that I out my membership on hold at this time.
Thanks again for your great work and for finding that “needle in the haystack” for me.  I truly appreciate the time you took to listen to my desires over the last several months, and to take everything I said into consideration for each new match.  You were very patient with me and I can tell you spent lots of time and energy into fining someone who fit my needs, to a tee.
Warm regards,