Hi Marie, 

Thank you so much for introducing me to Nichole.  The qualities I appreciate about her on our first date are that she’s easy going, appreciates what were were doing at the moment.  And she was fun to talk with.  I believe we have many things in common.  She laughed at my silly jokes and I heard her say things I’d say if I were saying them.  I really appreciate her background as a dancer and she keeps herself fit.  She’s really beautiful.   I believe her to be a considerate person.  She’s a believer, but not pompous about it, which I like.  I just felt very comfortable with her and  our backgrounds seem to mesh well. 

Working with you has been fun as you always try to improve my dating experience.  You always listen to my personal “requirements” and I can tell you really want to match me up with someone who’s good for me.  I appreciate that you let me interject when you’re telling me about a potential upcoming date and I really appreciate you trying to find someone where I’m at most of the time.  Nichole isn’t very near, but as you said, if I really like her….  So we’ll see.

And yes, I’m putting my membership on hold. 

Kind regards,