March 26, 2015

By Published On: March 26, 2015

Hello Carolyn,

Thanks for your good wishes regarding Don and me. Yes, please put my membership on hold.

What are some of the qualities I appreciate about Don?

There are many, but what strikes me most about him is his joie de vivre. This quality is, no doubt, due to almost losing his life in a serious car accident sometime in the 1990’s. He fought hard to recover, and from what I can tell, he has made an amazing comeback. It has been an eye opening experience for me to be around someone who enjoys life so much. I have learned to stop taking myself or life so seriously. I have been reaping the benefits of his enthusiastic approach to life since he has taken me on many exciting adventures around New Mexico including my first time sailing. But, no matter what we are doing, even just hanging out watching TV, he always makes it fun.

I also admire him very much for singly raising his three children after his wife abandoned him and the kids when they were still quite young. They are all happy, successful adults now with children of their own. He seems to have a strong sense of protectiveness and loyalty to those close to him. I know that, if this works out, I will always be able to count on him, that he will do his best to make sure I am happy and safe.

Another of Don’s qualities that I appreciate is his kindness. He extends this kindness to everyone, from what I can see. He is constantly doing things to help friends and neighbors, and does so without complaining.

Ok, enough about Don and his admirable qualities. I guess you can see I am quite smitten.

Many thanks,

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