Hi Donnie,
I am so very grateful for your assistance in introducing Albert and I.  You correctly matched two very compatible people using your experience in working with both of us individually and your job skills.  As you know, I was not happy with my matches previous to Albert and you very, very quickly responded to my issues.  As you began to know me better and understand what I am looking for in a relationship and a man, you used that knowledge to ensure that I met someone who would fulfill my dreams.  Thank you for listening, being professional, and working so hard for me.  I hope you enjoy the flowers I sent to thank you because you deserve them and I’m so grateful to you.
Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reflecting on the process of matchmaking and realize that your service is unique.  The methodology to extensively interview in person and assemble a team of experts who are skilled in matchmaking, proves to be successful for clients seeking a long-term partner as I am.  It’s the 1:1 coach to client relationship which ensures success.
The qualities that Albert holds which attract me to him include his directness and honesty, vivaciousness for life, how he has worked so hard to achieve his dreams.  He is a kind and compassionate person who really cares about others and strives to make people happy. He is very handsome and a gentleman.  I love the way he gives attention to his presentation and dress.
With this said, I will be putting my membership on hold so Albert and I can take time to learn more about each other.  You have given me a friend for life in Albert.